Who we are



The Varvel Group

The Varvel Group has been designing and producing gearboxes, gearmotors and speed variators for low and medium power, fixed applications in numerous areas of industry since 1955. We have been a preferred partner to international power transmission customers for over 60 years.



“Know-how to do it”

We have unrivalled know-how in our field and can always find the best solution to our customers’ needs. We offer a vast range of standard products and can also develop custom solutions for specific requirements.


Experience in innovation

We not only have unrivalled experience but, thanks to the work of our Research and Development department, we are also able to improve and innovate continuously. We see innovation as the only way to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

From Italy to the world

All our products are designed and made in Italy. They are then sold worldwide through two subsidiaries (one in the USA and one in India) and a global network of over 100 commercial partners.



We have come a long way since 1955 and Varvel is no longer just one company but a well integrated group. The Varvel Group is made up of:


MGM-Varvel Power Transmission: a joint-venture created by Varvel and MGM Motori Elettrici and based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India); the subsidiary is responsible for the assembly and distribution of products on the local market

Varvel USA: the subsidiary created to assemble, distribute and provide assistance for Varvel products on the North American market

MECHNOLOGY: the manufacturing group that brings together different specializations in the field of precision machining; the group consists of OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS, three local suppliers of top quality mechanical components, controlled by Varvel.


The Varvel Group can also count on a global network of distributors to ensure an active presence on markets around the world.


Health and Safety


Varvel is committed to the development, implementation and improvement of Management Systems for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, respecting the foundations of its mission and corporate values.


The Management defines and ensures, through periodic checks, compliance with the policies documented and published in the Quality Management Manual, in the Environmental Manual, in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Manual and in the annual Sustainability Report, available on the website of the company.