Organizational Structure

We have come a long way since 1955 and Varvel is no longer just one company but a well integrated group.

The Varvel Group is made up of:

  • Varvel
  • MGM-Varvel Power Transmission: a joint-venture created by Varvel and MGM Motori Elettrici and based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India); the subsidiary is responsible for the assembly and distribution of products on the local market
  • Varvel USA: the subsidiary created to assemble, distribute and provide assistance for Varvel products on the North American market
  • MECHNOLOGY: the manufacturing group that brings together different specializations in the field of precision machining; the group consists of OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS, three local suppliers of top quality mechanical components, controlled by Varvel.

The Varvel Group can also count on a global network of distributors to ensure an active presence on markets around the world.