Updating and innovation in Varvel documentation

The Varvel Group’s commitment to providing a truly complete service is reflected in every aspect of the group’s work, including the issue of new catalogues for the FRP680 gearbox used in the poultry sector.

Varvel is recognised the world over for its constant commitment to change. Recently, the Group published new product catalogues for the FRP680 gearbox, which is specially designed to drive the ground-level linear feeding systems used in poultry farming.

The poultry sector is an extremely profitable area of business for Varvel, who have invested heavily in the development of this gearbox to maximise potential for use.

The FRP680 gearbox is designed to drive the helical screw conveyors that deliver feed to the feeders themselves. The gearbox is available in three different versions: an integrated version with a 160 mm input flange and a square output flange; a second integrated version with a 200 mm input flange and square output flange; and a universal version for coupling to custom input and output flanges. Each version is available in different variants, with a flexible input coupling or IEC hole. The gearbox is designed for use with motors from 0.25 kW to 1.5 kW in power. All this information and more besides is clearly presented in the catalogues recently published by the Varvel Group. The new documentation, published in 6 different languages, contains all relevant technical characteristics, performance data, dimensions and output shaft codes for couplings… in fact everything customers anywhere in the world could wish to know about the product in order to integrate it in machines for the poultry industry.

Documentation updating activities extend beyond the FRP680 gearbox catalogue too: Varvel has also released new editions of the operation and maintenance manuals for gearboxes used in conditions regulated by Atex standards, i.e. for applications in atmospheres at risk of fire or explosion. The large amount of information provided allows users to work safely and in full conformity to European directives.

Last but not least, Varvel has also updated its servomotor catalogues.

So, as you can see, the Varvel Group supplies customers around the world with continuously updated documentation, revised to meet the needs of today’s demanding market.

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