Training’s added value

Varvel SpA is once again working alongside future professionals of the mechanical sector together with the Aldini Valeriani Foundation in Bologna.

The commitment to the training of young generations is very important for Varvel SpA, the company from Crespellano (BO) which has been involved in important collaborations with recognised local training bodies for years.

Yet again this year the company which produces motor reducers and mechanical speed variators, has chosen to be partner of the Aldini Valeriani Foundation in Bologna in the IFTS project “Higher Technician in product industrialization and mechanical processes”.

Varvel’s Research and Development Department has collaborated actively in the lessons organized for this highly professionalising course for the insertion of specialised figures in the world of work. Furthermore the company has donated the reducers needed for the practical exam and the Human Resources Manager served on the final exams commission on the 14th and 15th June, as a representative of the working world. Thanks to the participation of Varvel, in September the Aldini Valeriani Foundation will also launch the first training path of a fourth year of Professional Training and Education, enabling the students of this additional year to complete their qualification and facilitate their insertion in employment, responding more closely to the need of production companies for specialised personnel.

This fruitful collaboration with the Aldini Valeriani Foundation is just one of a number of activities that Varvel implements each year with the aim of offering new specialised training opportunities for young people promoting their entrance onto the employment market. Thanks to this constant commitment, Varvel has received the “OK Stage” recognition every year since 2009 which “the Republic of Interns” awards to companies which respect the “Charter of Interns’ Rights”, or in other words which offer real opportunities for new resources to increase their work experience. As regards to the relevant economic remuneration dedicated to young people who carry out periods of internships in the company, Varvel has also recently received the “Special SME” prize during the 2016 AwaRDS ceremony in which the “Republic of Interns” singles out companies which have implemented deserving policies to help young people.

“Vocational training for young people is the best investment for the future – affirms Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpAand accompanying the students in their training course allows us to transmit to them the experience and the passion that we have always demonstrated in our work.”

“We have considerable experience and it is not only a pleasure but also our duty to contribute to the training of young people who are about to start out on their careers.” – declares Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA“Our sector has increasing need of competent and highly specialized personnel and we are extremely proud to take part in the Aldini Valeriani Foundation’s initiatives to transmit our know-how to these young people in the course of internships and work experience in the company.”


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