The Varvel Group races ahead with future professionals in the field of motorcycle racing

Varvel has renewed its support for the 2017-18 edition of the Masters Course in Racing Motorcycle Engineering organised by advanced business training specialists Professional Datagest, by offering a grant to the course’s most promising student.

The Bologna-based Varvel Group has been designing, producing and selling gearboxes since 1955. Today, Varvel is a socially responsible company and fully committed to providing training and employment opportunities for young people.

Varvel’s partnership with higher education providers Professional Datagest, also based in Bologna, is a consolidated one: Varvel has supported their Masters Course in Racing Motorcycle Engineering since 2012, when Varvel financed two students from towns struck by the Emilian earthquake. The sixth edition of the course has just started. As in previous years, Varvel will be rewarding the student who demonstrates the greatest commitment and obtains the highest marks with a grant, to be presented at the graduation ceremony at the end of the course.

This officially accredited masters course is taught by experts from top-flight companies in Italy’s famous “Motor Valley”, named for its high concentration of excellent car and motorcycle manufacturers. The course is aimed at graduates in mechanical, electronic and aerospace engineering eager to acquire the specialist technical competence needed to design and construct racing motorcycles. The advanced training provided by the course allows participants to combine their passion for motor sport with practical employment opportunities, thanks in part to work placements with some of the most prestigious names in motorcycle racing at the end of the course.

“Helping dedicated young people to achieve their objectives is an honour for us and a commitment we are happy to maintain,” explains Francesco Berselli, President of the Varvel Group. “Investing in the next generation is the only way to guarantee continuity and growth and to maintain the level of excellence that makes Italy so competitive on the world market.”

Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of the Varvel Group, agrees: “Participating in initiatives like this masters course, creating new opportunities for the future and promoting growth in the engineering sector are our ways of helping talented young people to achieve their dreams and ambitions. When this course finishes, local and national companies will have a new influx of eager, well-qualified young people with so much potential to fulfil. Their contribution will be of inestimable value not only to their employers but to the whole manufacturing system.”


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