Research and result sharing for continuous improvement

A report on worm gearbox optimization written by the R&D Department of Varvel in conjunction with Studio Tecnico Turci has just been published.

Research into new solutions and the continuous improvement of products is one of the key strengths of Varvel, the Bologna-based specialists in power transmission systems who have been innovating consistently since the company was formed in 1955. Varvel’s commitment to research is demonstrated by the article “Efficiency calculation and optimization of worm gears” published in the December edition of “Organi di Trasmissione”, the leading magazine for gearbox specialists, and written by members of Varvel’s Research and Development Department working with Studio Tecnico Turci.

The article publishes the results of detailed research into the performance of worm gearboxes.

Worm gearbox performance was analysed in detail and solutions proposed for improving efficiency on the basis of simulations and bench tests.

Low efficiency is one of the most critical aspects of worm gearboxes, which are extremely popular for their ease of use and low cost.

“The sharing of research results forms the basis of dialogue among the scientific and technical community in precision engineering,” Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, respectively President and General Manager of the Varvel Group explain. “It is essential for the development of innovative solutions that can prove useful to the entire power transmission sector, locally and internationally. Research of this kind also allows us to work closely with leading consultants, Studio Tecnico Turci in this particular case.”


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