Promoting the value of resources in training

The Varvel Group has won the award presented by “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” for the excellent conditions offered to young people entering the labour market through a work placement at the company.

The AwaRDS of the “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” on-line magazine were presented in a ceremony held on 20 June. The AwaRDS are presented annually to Italian companies who, over the previous 12 months, have offered valuable opportunities for professional development to young people, introducing them to the world of work through a paid work placement scheme.

A key award went to the Varvel Group, a socially responsible group that for many years has stood out for its emphasis on the importance of training future young professionals and employing them within the company.

Varvel was presented with the ”AwaRDS for the Best Expense Reimbursement Scheme” for its generous policy of offering free meals in the company canteen to all interns, plus a fixed contribution of 1,200 € a month for interns with a masters degree, 1,000 € for graduates, 800 € for diploma holders and even 400 € for high school students.

The award is the latest proof of Varvel’s commitment to young people and interns. Already in 2009 Varvel received the “Bollino OK Stage” quality mark assigned by “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” to companies operating work placement schemes conforming to the “Interns’ Charter of Rights”. Many young people are already working in Varvel, where they are tutored by expert personnel. This practical opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals allows them to acquire new skills and valuable experience.

The Varvel Group’s dedication to the professional development of young people is also confirmed by the company’s ongoing collaboration with the Aldini Valeriani Foundation in Bologna and by the grants offered in recent years to top students of the Professional Datagest masters course in racing motorcycle engineering.

“Young people are the future and it is our duty to offer them a chance to show their potential in a work context,” explain Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli, President and General Manager of the Varvel Group. “That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for them to enter the labour market. The energy and ideas they can contribute are extremely valuable resources for Italian manufacturing at a time when markets are becoming larger and more susceptible to change than ever before.”




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