Internationalization through the internet

The Varvel Group is boosting its global presence and visibility by publishing twelve local language minisites for different regional markets.

The Varvel Group, specialists in the design, production and sale of gearboxes and gearmotors, have been internationalizing on a large scale for many years and have built up a vast community spanning over sixty countries around the world.

To add to the numerous communication tools developed by the company to support its presence in Italy and abroad, and to complement the corporate website (itself renewed only last year), the Varvel Group has recently developed twelve minisites targeting the world’s main regional markets. The new sites are published in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish and Portuguese.

Varvel’s regional networks can now rely on up-to-date local sites that are fully integrated with the main corporate website. This means they can find complete product lists as well as contact forms for requesting further information in the language of their own area.

The new minisites not only improve the group’s visibility but are extremely useful to the international sales network as they present Varvel’s vast range of Italian quality products in a language familiar to readers.

In addition to optimising Varvel’s on-line exposure the twelve new minisites also enhance the authority and reputation the group has built up over the years through the excellence and reliability of its products.


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