In the race to foster values

Once again in 2016 Varvel SpA is supporting Atletica Blizzard, a light athletics sports association in Anzola dell’Emilia which pays special attention to young people and education

This year Varvel SpA, a historic Bolognese company specialized in the design and production of speed reducers and variators has again chosen to sponsor Atletica Blizzard, a sports association founded in Bologna in 2002 on the spontaneous initiative of enthusiasts and lovers of light athletics.

With the active contribution of all its employees, the company has decided to renew its support for this amateur sports association with which it shares an interest in providing the best possible education for young people.

The Atletica Blizzard association is dedicated to the promotion and development of sporting activities and light athletics in particular as it is an activity which helps physical, moral, social and cultural development. This type of activity is also cherished by the socially responsible Crespellano (BO) company.

Conviviality, sharing, respect and honesty are values which Varvel has been promoting since it was founded in 1955 in its everyday management of company life through certifications, visits, conventions, donations and countless activities in social spheres at local, national and international levels.

As well as its local activities, Atletica Blizzard takes part in regional and National events in the UISP and FIDAL championships.

“We believe in the values which are transmitted by being involved in sport and in light athletics in particular which includes numerous disciplines – state Francesco Berselli and Mauro Cominoli President and Managing Director of Varvel SpA where the competitive element allows for values such as team spirit and commitment to achieve individual or common goals. These values are valid in sporting activities as they are in work and in all everyday activities. If young people grow up surrounded by these invaluable teachings, we may hope for a better future for all our communities”.


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