Horizon 2020: una testimonianza d’eccellenza

Varvel SpA’s experience within the European Programme Horizon 2020 has been presented during the Workshop organized by Unindustria Bologna entitled “Horizon 2020: 2016-2017”.

Varvel SpA, a Bolognese company with over 60 years of experience in the power transmission sector, has officially started this two years project funded by the European Union to develop a new worm reducer which could potentially revolutionize the world of mechanical transmission. Thanks to an invaluable partnership with Unindustria Bologna and the Spanish consulting company Inspiralia, Varvel achieved an excellent result which enabled it to get through to the second phase of the selection process and consequently it has access to the funding which Horizon 2020 dedicates to small and medium enterprises, with an allocated budget of over a million Euros. On the occasion of the workshop “Horizon 2020: 2016-2017”, the company presented an account of its participation in the European Call to obtain these precious funds for research and technological innovation.

Starting from the original idea, which was selected during Phase 1 of the European project, the Research and Development Division had to submit a specific, in-depth feasibility study and a structured business plan to be judged by the European Commission. It was only when Varvel got through to Phase 2 that it obtained the funding and, in January it commenced the study of materials and the necessary calculations needed to develop the product. Although it was the first time that Varvel had participated directly in a European Call, the company immediately stood out amongst other Italian companies.

This result is the fruit of the research aimed at innovation and improvement that the company has always undertaken.

We come from a long tradition, but we have never ceased looking towards the future – declares Francesco Berselli President of Varvel SpA – and it is for this very reason that, right from the start, we believed in the innovative implications of the project for our reducer. We have worked immensely hard to reach this breakthrough of international breadth.”

Mauro Cominoli, Managing Director of Varvel SpA, states: “Participating in such an important European project is an experience which stimulates us to strive to achieve continuous improvement in terms of research and development, trusting in the collaboration with excellent partners. We hope that our testimonial may be useful for other companies and sectors who have innovative ideas which could make a positive contribution to the European economy and enhance the reputation of made in Italy throughout the world”.


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