Customising innovation the Varvel way

The Varvel Group satisfies the needs of the international market by designing and producing custom gearboxes for specific applications.

The Varvel Group, specialists in reduction gearboxes with unrivalled know-how built up over 60 years of activity, can produce custom gearboxes to satisfy specific needs of all kinds.

One excellent example of the high-technology service that Varvel offers is a special gearbox developed for a customer on the American market who produces automatic machines for indoor entertainment.

Here are the basic facts behind this unique gearbox:

  • Around 1200 pieces a year supplied (one for every machine produced by the customer);
  • Specially designed to eliminate the problem of oil leaks, the inconvenience caused by machine downtime and the high maintenance and part replacement costs incurred with the previous supplier;
  • Continuous duty for 12-18 hours, with frequent interruptions of only a few minutes;
  • Hybrid structure combining the characteristics of a worm gear, a parallel shaft gearbox and a bevel helical gearbox;
  • Input stage like that of a worm gearbox, driving three output shafts via a special gear train;
  • Suitable for use with 50 or 60 Hz single phase motors.

The three output shafts have the following characteristics:

 Shaft 1Shaft 2Shaft 3
Output speed (at 50 Hz)287.5 rpm62.7 rpm48.2 rpm
Transmissible torque15 in-lb
(1.7 Nm)
30 in-lb
(3.4 Nm)
40 in-lb
(4.5 Nm)
Reduction ratio5:14.6:11.3:1


This unique gearbox clearly demonstrates Varvel’s expertise in customization: thanks to an in-depth understanding of the market’s needs and the technologies involved, and assisted by the gear-cutting know-how of the companies in the group, Varvel can develop tailored solutions in addition to its standard catalogue offering. Customization levels vary from simple modifications to standard gearboxes to the design of completely new products based on unique technical solutions, tailored to satisfy specific requirements and to solve specific problems.

Over sixty years of experience in all common varieties of gearbox, constant research, improvement and innovation and a presence in all key areas of industry allow Varvel to design and develop unbeatable power transmission solutions. In particular, unrivalled technical know-how and an ability to work closely with customers allows Varvel to customize gearboxes to meet the market’s needs, and to select the most suitable technology for all applications.

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