Confirmation of constant transparency

The Varvel Group is publishing its Sustainability Report for 2015 to share results with stakeholders all over the world.

The Varvel Group is presenting its Sustainability Report for the year 2015. Quality, dynamism, continuous improvement in performance, social responsibility and innovation are values that have always accompanied Varvel and that continue to project the company into a future of internationalization and further investment for growth.

The Sustainability Report confirms the importance that Varvel attaches to sharing values and objectives with all stakeholders. The document illustrates all the elements that characterize the group’s activities in terms of production and management and deals with other important issues too. Social responsibility, for example, is an important aspect of Varvel’s corporate vision, and is expressed through genuine commitment to the community and investments in support of charities, schools and sports, in the interest of employees, customers, suppliers, institutions and the public at large. Through these actions, we hope to show how social responsibility generates satisfaction for all stakeholders.

As the sixtieth anniversary of the company’s formation, 2015 was a very important year for the Varvel Group. More than a mere celebration, however, our anniversary served to add impetus to our ongoing process of internationalization. Varvel’s participation at the Hannover Messe exhibition showed the international market the latest innovations achieved through investment and the work of the company’s own R&D department. Close links with the academic world also proved of fundamental importance to Varvel, as constant study and research form the basis of competitive development today. Varvel has continued its long-standing collaboration with universities and research institutes in Italy and elsewhere for this very reason. Our efforts in the field of research also allowed us to participate in the Horizon 2020 European Framework Programme, the EU project that finances the development of new technology capable of making a positive contribution to the international market.


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