Clean energy made in Varvel

Varvel gearboxes applications for renewable energy in wind turbines and photovoltaic systems

Research into alternative energy as a way of reducing impact on the environment is one of the pillars in the mission of Varvel, social responsible Group specialising in the design, development and sale of gearboxes, marketed worldwide. Varvel places similar emphasis on the development of advanced technology applications for use in the field of renewable energy.

Over the years, through a close working relationship with manufacturers all over the world, Varvel has acquired and consolidated a vast expertise in the production of gearboxes used for wind and photovoltaic energy.

The specialized magazine IEN Italia recently published an article written by Giampaolo Giacomozzi, Varvel R&D Manager, dealing with two applications of worm gearboxes in the management of the rotation of wind turbine blades and the movement of solar panels.

For the wind sector, the article presents special worm gearboxes for use as first stages in the combined worm-planetary gearboxes needed to control yaw in multi-megawatt wind turbines able to guarantee normal functioning even in turbulent and gusty conditions. Turbines are typically located in exposed areas that are often subject to frequent changes in wind direction, so that nacelle orientation has to be adjusted frequently. Such manoeuvres often involve critical levels of impact and structural stress, but series of both theoretical and field tests ensure high efficiency in these conditions.

The article also deals with application for the photovoltaic sector, especially solar tracking technology able to dramatically improve the efficiency of photovoltaic panels in terms of energy output. Using worm gearboxes manufactures can obtain solar tracking systems (often referred to as “sunflower systems”): solar panels can “follow” the sun in order to produce maximum power with an output increase up to 30% with single axis solar tracking systems, and up to 45% with dual axis tracking systems compared to conventional fixed panels.

The understanding of market’s and manufacturers’ needs, assessed by positive ongoing collaborations, make the Varvel Group the ideal partner for manufacturers from around the world of technologies used in the renewable energy sector.


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