A new website section dedicated to specific applications

Varvel has added a new section to its corporate website, dedicated to the many areas of industry where Varvel gearboxes are used.

The Varvel Group has been developing, manufacturing and distributing gearboxes for over 60 years, and the group’s products are the preferred choice of machinery constructors serving various areas of industry.

In 2016, Varvel released a new set of product data sheets dealing the company’s different gearbox families and focusing on the versatility of the Varvel range in satisfying the requirements of many applications.

To provide a more complete service, the corporate website has now been expanded and a new section added, entirely dedicated to the different sectors where Varvel gearboxes are used. The area is divided into specific pages covering: farming and agriculture, food processing, chemicals, textiles, industrial appliances, ceramics and glass, machine tools, garage equipment, construction, photovoltaic and wind, mining, access control and security.

Thanks to this latest addition to the website, professionals in specific sectors can find useful, clear and intuitively organized information on how Varvel products can be used in different applications.

The exceptional versatility of Varvel gearboxes is the direct consequence of Varvel’s long-standing commitment to innovation and its use of the latest design and development technologies to satisfy the needs expressed by customers around the world. As a result, Varvel can supply tailored solutions for all needs, with top quality and high performance guaranteed even in situations governed by strict standards, such as the ATEX directive on production processes in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The suitability of Varvel gearboxes for such a wide range of applications clearly demonstrates the validity of the principles of versatility and modularity that underlie Varvel’s production and ensure the group’s competitiveness on the international market.



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