A French exhibition for Varvel

The Varvel Group will be at Europack-Euromanut-CFIA to promote Italian excellence in mechanical engineering to the French market.

The Varvel Group has specialized in the design, production and sale of mechanical speed variators and gearboxes since 1955. For many years now the group has been pursuing a policy of internationalization, relying on the quality of its products and its thorough knowledge of the market.

In line with this policy, the Varvel Group takes part in numerous trade fairs and exhibitions around the world. The group’s next appointment is at Europack-Euromanut-CFIA, in Lyon from 21 to 23 November.

This important event is dedicated to solutions for industrial processing, materials handling and packaging.

At Stand G115 in Hall 6, Varvel will be displaying a carefully selected assortment of its vast product range, including its new square flanges for servomotors and gearboxes suited to use in packaging applications, one of the most interesting growth areas for Varvel in France and on the international market in general.

Varvel sees France as one of the countries with the highest potential for growth and is therefore determined to consolidate its presence there by promoting the quality and versatility of its products for the packaging sector and other areas of industry too.

The French exhibition has attracted over 500 exhibitors and expects to welcome around 12,000 visitors from around the world. The event provides an excellent meeting place for demand and offer and is held in one of France’s most active manufacturing regions, a strategic and logistic crossroads for the whole of Europe.

“We know our strength lies in our solid manufacturing base and in the excellence of our Italian products. These are certainly the characteristics that make Varvel competitive in a constantly changing and increasingly challenging international market,” explains Francesco Berselli, President of the Varvel Group.

Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of the Varvel, adds: “Success on today’s international market demands the ability to look and listen attentively in order to identify the opportunities the market has to offer. Taking part in important exhibitions for the future gives us a great opportunity to compare ourselves with the biggest players in the sector. We can also present the characteristics that set us aside from our competitors and emphasize the importance of our constant research into advanced solutions. Understanding the market, anticipating its needs and developing new solutions in the shortest possible time: this is what drives us to see every challenge as a new opportunity for growth.”


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