Values come into play

Varvel SpA is once more renewing its support for the local football association Barca Reno in 2016, source of future football talents.


Sporting activity offers young people an excellent opportunity for healthy entertainment, and at the same time for growth and the assimilation of important positive values which will make them better adults. For this reason and to encourage this type of activity, this year solidarity will continue betweenVarvel SpA, a company specialized in power transmission at an International level, and Barca Reno, a local non-profit football association recognized by the Italian Football Federation and standing out in the spectrum of Bolognese football teams for the excellent results achieved in over 50 years of history and dedication to the training of young champions. The aim of the association is to enable young peopleto play football without the pressure of competitions, respecting the values of entertainment, sport education, serenity, conviviality.