Research for a better future

Varvel SpA, a mechanical company specialized in the design and production of gearboxes and variators, in 2016, with the active support of all its employees, it is supporting the Telethon Foundation, a recognized non-profit organization which promotes fund raising activities to finance research into the cure of rare genetic diseases.


The Telethon Foundation was set up in 1990 and is a non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research. The mission of the Foundation has always been to promote fund raising to finance scientific research into rare genetic diseases. In fact research is the only way to find a cure for these diseases but often, unfortunately, this type of study doesn’t receive sufficient funds. These are rare illnesses and therefore they are not widely known. The organization is committed to dissemination, information and awareness raising activities for the public on a daily basis to draw attention to this issue. Through grants to researchers and the creation of dedicated laboratories, the Telethon Foundation wants to find concrete answers to the needs of the people who struggle against genetic illnesses.