Low-temperature solutions

The importance of choosing the right oil seals and lubricant for each temperature


We are well aware that lubricant and oil seals play a key role in any application.

The lubricant is therefore a critical element within the gearbox, as it is essential for maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Oil seals, meanwhile, are an essential internal component of mechanical gearboxes, as they prevent contamination and leakage of the lubricant which is crucial for the smooth operation of bearings and gears.

Varvel gearboxes serve an extremely wide range of applications, sometimes in colder geographical areas, such as Siberia, while in other cases the gearbox simply needs to be installed in freezing environments, cold rooms being one such case.

In these instances, we advise customer companies to use suitable oil seals and lubricants, which are able to guarantee optimum gearbox efficiency in low-temperature usage conditions.

The choice of oil seals and lubrication best suited to low temperatures can have a positive effect on the quality and lifetime of the application activity.

For customers, this equates to less maintenance, fewer interventions and, as a result, cost savings.