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Know-how to do it: Varvel’s new identity

The Varvel Group has completely redesigned its corporate image: a new graphic look, complete with a new tagline and new-look websites, communicates our company’s experience and commitment to innovation.


We have always been innovators, and recently we decided to renew our corporate communications too: a new website, new colour combinations and, more importantly, a new tagline!


From now on, our logo will be followed by a phrase that captures the identity the Varvel Group: “Know-how to do it”. This short play on words really sums up our company: we bring together knowledge and know-how, theory and practice, research and application.


Our aim is to draw attention to our competence in the field of power transmission, and to our ability to draw on experience and exploit the knowledge we have acquired in over 60 years of success.


The new look has been extended to all our communication material, from our product catalogues to our new company websites. Green remains our corporate colour, as it has always been associated with Varvel, but from now on we shall be using it in lighter shades, symbolising transparency and innovation.


This new, coordinated image will demonstrate our vitality as a historic company that has always looked to the future and will strengthen the identity and recognition of the Varvel brand, a byword for great reliability and premium quality in the power transmission industry.