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Food industry: worm gearboxes for stretch film packaging machines

Varvel is specialized in the design and production of gearboxes and gearmotors for fixed applications of small and medium power.


The high quality of its solutions today makes the Group one of the leading companies at an international level, with a presence in over sixty countries around the world and in all five continents.


Much of the production of Varvel-branded gearboxes and gearmotors is “made to stock”, so as to always guarantee maximum speed in deliveries and full compliance with the customer’s operating times.


Varvel for the food industry: worm geared motors for shrink-wrapping machines


Varvel solutions are versatile and designed to meet the specific requirements of the most diverse industries, including those particularly challenging in the food sector.


For this particular sector, the Group designs and manufactures worm gearmotors intended for installation in packaging machines with stretch film and, more generally, in the most diverse models and types of manual, semi-automatic and high-capacity shrink-wrapping machines with of continuous gluing.


Among the most used Varvel products for these industrial machines are the motorized worm gearboxes of the RT Series, sizes 28, 40, 50, characterized by great operating reliability. They are particularly suitable for the operation of packaging machines with automatic detection of products of different sizes and guarantee high quality of constant packaging.


For these applications, which typically require small and medium powers for operation, the Varvel worm gearboxes of the RT series represent the best solution, because they are designed upstream to facilitate machine maintenance and increase efficiency. At the same time, they are versatile to the numerous possible application contexts and to the needs of an industry that is, by its nature, very demanding and diversified.


Varvel RT Series worm gearboxes: some technical features


Here are some technical specifications relating to the RT Series of Varvel worm gearboxes:

 -Size: 28 – 40 – 50 – 60 – 70 – 85 – 110


– Torque in relation to the size: 20 – 50 – 85 – 140 – 240 – 400 – 700


– Input power in relation to the size: 0.5 – 1.5 – 2.7 – 4.1 – 5.7 – 9.1 – 12.5


– Reduction ratios:

  • – 5: 1 to 100: 1 single stage
  • – From 25: 1 to 800: 1 with pre-torque
  • – 420: 1 to 10000: 1 double stage


Why choose Varvel gearboxes for applications in the food industry


Versatility, reliability, strength, efficiency and easy integration with any type of machine are some of the reasons why even the food industry chooses Varvel gearboxes. Our totally Italian production, the result of a short and flexible supply chain, is also a guarantee of quality and constant control of the entire supply.


Modularity is another flagship of Varvel production. All our solutions are in fact built according to the modular principle of the assembly kit: a simple and intuitive selection of the available kits allows the creation of different gearboxes, with different reduction ratios and numerous output and input solutions. Easily available and characterized by intuitive maintenance, Varvel assembly kits translate into concrete savings for the end customer and for the distributor.


Finally, it should be remembered the value of the service provided: in addition to providing a wide range of solutions in the catalog, Varvel also designs customized solutions (20% of the gearboxes manufactured have first-level customizations, while 7% are designed and built in co-design with customers) and offers complete and constant assistance on each product, both for the supply of small productions and large batches.