The glass and ceramic manufacturing industries are steeped in craftsmanship and employ highly skilled labour. They have also modernized over the years, introducing more and more automation in order to boost production capacity.

The machines involved in glass and ceramic production processes must be able to operate with only a minimum of down time for maintenance and repairs. This can only be achieved through the use of reliable, high performance drive systems capable of guaranteeing the continuous production needed to satisfy demand.


Varvel’s advanced Italian technology is highly acclaimed for many applications in these sectors, including end-of-line sorting for ceramic tiles, surface grinding and polishing, glass processing, brick and roof tile drying, etc… .


Varvel’s high-tech gearboxes are extremely achieved and ideal for applications in process automation. Varvel is therefore the preferred supplier to many constructors of production machinery for the glass and ceramic industries. Varvel’s drive solutions provide the perfect response to market needs in terms of increasing globalization, stricter environmental standards, rising energy costs, and the growing emphasis on social responsibility in the manufacturing sector.


Last but not least, nearly all the products in the Varvel range are available in ATEX versions that conform to European directives governing the use of plant and machinery in potentially explosive atmospheres.




• Quality control
• Ceramic firing and glazing
• Brick & roof tile drying
• Glass processing
• Surface grinding
• Mixing
• Pumping
• Screening



• Product packing


Power handling

• Conveyor handling



• Automatic warehousing


Building management

• Water purification
• Air filtering





Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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