The building industry uses a large number of different technologies to perform the various activities involved in residential and industrial construction and public works.

Safe operating conditions for construction personnel and for the equipment they use in their daily work are among the most important requirements of this specialist market. High performance and total reliability are therefore essential features in any gearbox. With this in mind, Varvel has put in place rigorous quality controls to ensure the correct functioning of all its products and to minimize the risk of failure and malfunctioning during use.


Varvel brand gearboxes have been used in construction equipment for many years and have gained an excellent reputation for reliability in applications such as cement treatment, brick and roof tile production, pipe processing, etc… .


Varvel is always able to satisfy the needs of its partners, thanks to the highly modular design that characterizes all products, and thanks also to excellent service and rapid, flexible deliveries.


Last but not least, nearly all the products in the Varvel range are available in ATEX versions that conform to European directives governing the use of plant and machinery in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Infine, in conformità con la direttiva europea per l’impiego di macchinari o attrezzature in ambienti potenzialmente esplosivi, quasi tutti i prodotti della gamma Varvel sono disponibili in versione ATEX.




• Wood panel and batten processing
• Pipe processing
• Materials handling and testing
• Brick and roof tile production
• Cement treatment


Power handling

• Architectural barrier removal
• Lift movement control
• Conveyor handling



• Automatic parking systems


Building management

• Automatic opening systems
• Window automation
• Access control
• Water purification
• Air filtering
• Heating systems




Most of our products are available in an ATEX version that conforms to EU directives on explosive atmospheres.


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