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More effective and competitive with Dadistel

The computerization of production processes and the improvement of management, thanks to an innovative automation system, thrust Varvel ahead in an increasingly selective global market.

High modularity: greater benefits for the distribution network

Varvel’s highly modular design and excellent service cut costs and slash delivery times while overcoming the challenges of globalization.

Low-temperature solutions

Varvel, which has always paid great attention to national and international customer satisfaction, supplies gearboxes and gearmotors suited to specific applications thanks to particular oil seals and special lubrication

High temperature lubricants for silky-smooth functioning

To satisfy its Italian and international customers, Varvel always supplies gearboxes and gearmotors with the most suitable lubricant for the application.

Product quality starts with components

Varvel has always been committed to satisfying the international market and uses Freudenberg oil seals in its entire gearbox range.

Know-how to do it: Varvel’s new identity

The Varvel Group has completely redesigned its corporate image: a new graphic look and a new tagline communicate the experience and commitment to innovation of the historical Bolognese company.

Updating and innovation in Varvel documentation

The Varvel Group’s commitment to providing a truly complete service is reflected in every aspect of the group’s work, including the issue of new catalogues for the FRP680 gearbox used in the poultry sector.

All-round service: from production to quality control

In addition to a range of high-technology gearboxes and speed variators, the Varvel Group’s offering includes a precision measurement service.

Customising innovation the Varvel way

The Varvel Group satisfies the needs of the international market by designing and producing custom gearboxes for specific applications.